Diagram for Jira

Diagram for Jira

You don’t need to switch platforms to start drawing wireframes or diagrams.

Integrates with Jira

No more switching among different apps or platforms. Manage designs and draw directly on Jira issues.

Wide-range collections

Mocky supports various collections of elements to satisfy all your wireframing needs and diagram for Jira.

World-class support

Never in fear of confusion. We offer fast and knowledgeable help from our in-house experts.

Introducing Mocky

Visualize your ideas into UI Wireframes, Mockup, Prototype, and Diagram for Jira.

Draw wireframes for Jira


Wireframe for Jira

Mocky is a tool to visualize your wireframe ideas directly on to Jira issues and share them with your team. With thousands of elements at your service, you can begin wireframing beautifully with ease.


Mockup for Jira

With Mocky, you can easily visualize ideas and draw mockups of your finished products, showing how they work in a real-life scenario.

Create mockups for Jira
Diagram for Jira


Diagram for Jira

Create technical diagrams directly on Jira issues and share them with your team. You can also visualize organization charts and complicated workflows with flowchart diagrams for Jira.


Visual listing

Easily manage your designs, wireframes, and diagram for Jira in unique ways. View them in Grid, Map, or Workflow to keep track of each design’s progress.

Try Diagram for Jira now!

Experience a new way to utilize your Jira issues to the fullest. Available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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